ACCU Conference - Time Travel Debugging - featuring UDB and RR

  • 16 March 2021
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On-Demand Webinar  

ACCU conferences have a long tradition of high quality sessions covering many technical aspects of software development.

This year, Undo delivered a technical lunch and learn session focussing on demonstrating the benefits of Time Travel Debugging - including a world exclusive sneak peak of our new VSCode IDE integration.

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Time Travel Debugging simplifies debugging by letting developers freely step backwards, as well as forwards, through a program’s execution. In this practical lunch and learn session we’ll demonstrate benefits of Time Travel debugging and show how it delivers a radically simplified workflow for debugging, compared to traditional methods of debugging forwards. Our Engineer will walk through how developers can simplify fixing bugs by: Deterministically capturing and replaying a program’s behavior Time traveling backward (and forward) in the code execution to the origin of the failure Reducing the amount of repetitive guesswork and time consuming restarts and stops normally involved in debugging The demonstration will feature UDB, Time Travel Debugger and the open source debugger, RR.

About ACCU

ACCU conferences are strong in sessions on aspects of programming languages, but especially strong in C++, Java, C# and Python.

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