Wed, 24 Feb, 19:00 - 20:00

What are the best tools for debugging complex Java applications?

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🔥 Join us tomorrow for a free virtual event featuring 4x JavaChampions & Java experts.

☕️. We'll deep dive debugging complex Java applications & rapid fixes for failing tests in your CI/CD pipeline.



This event features a panel of experienced Java experts and community leaders who’ll be having a lively, interactive discussion that will spotlight the state of debugging Java in development, in 2021.

Our expert panel will address how to navigate around the challenges of debugging in the context of:

1. Java debugging tools & methods - a round-up of what’s out there
2. Debugging complexity - the challenges of debugging complex applications in the presence of Frameworks
3. How test failures can slow down the velocity of CICD test automation and how to prevent this
4. The benefits of automating the recording of software failures (Software Failure Replay)
5. The importance of resolving bugs in the context of DevSecOps/ AppSec
6. The pros and cons of shifting testing to the left
7. Observability - what are the benefits / implications of Observability Driven-Development for the CI/CD pipeline testing process

Join our leading experts to share your challenges, hear from others who have similar challenges and learn about some of the best tools and techniques available for debugging and resolving test failures fast.


* Angie Jones - Senior Director of Developer Relations, Applitools
* Daniel Bryant - Director of Developer Relations, Ambassador Labs
* Stefania Chaplin - Solutions Architect, Secure Code Warrior
* Mary Grygleski - Developer Advocate, IBM
* Jonathan Harris - VP of Product, Undo
* Josh Long - Developer Advocate, Spring

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Wed, 24 Feb, 19:00 - 20:00 (UTC)