Installing the Keyserver

  • 1 February 2022
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The Keyserver

The Keyserver component is a license-key server responsible for giving out UDB 'seats' from an enterprise-wide license. This will generally sit on a company-wide network, and will be contacted by UDB instances seeking to obtain a "seat" (needed in order to run UDB). The Keyserver has a fixed number of “seats”, one of which will be used for each UDB session that it authorises.


Obtaining the Keyserver

Before installing the Keyserver, Undo needs to be provided with a specific MAC address, hostname and port number of the machine where the Keyserver will be installed. Undo will then generate a license that will tie the Keyserver to that particular machine.

Once the license has been generated, you can download the Keyserver as part of the LiveRecorder release. It will be contained within the keyserver/ folder.


Installing the Keyserver

Undo provides Keyserver installation instructions for both systemd and SysV (init.d), in the keyserver/README file.

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