Intellij Error (Liverecorder for java)

  • 25 December 2021
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I am trying the live debugging guide for java , in intellij an unable to get to work

am seeing the following error with my demo project, any help as to what’s going wrong ?

18:05:32.962 [main] DEBUG io.undo.jdwp.UdbJVMDebugger - type database created
18:05:33.012 [main] ERROR io.undo.jdwp.UdbJDWPBridge - startup error
java.lang.Exception: Please make sure debug symbols are installed!
    at io.undo.jdwp.UdbJDWPBridge.<init>( [undo-jdwp-java-1.0.jar:?]
    at io.undo.jdwp.UdbJDWPBridge.main( [undo-jdwp-java-1.0.jar:?]
18:05:33.016 [main] DEBUG io.undo.jdwp.UdbJDWPBridge - agent has been notified on port 41683
18:05:33.016 [main] DEBUG io.undo.jdwp.UdbJDWPBridge - wait for JDWP thread to connect

1 reply


Thanks for posting the log. You need the debug symbols for your JVM installed.

  • If you’re using a JVM supplied with your distro see
  • If you’re using a JVM you’ve downloaded directly from e.g. OpenJDK, Azul or Oracle the debug symbols may or may not be included by default. If you let me know JDK vendor and version I can advise.