Our Visual Studio Code Beta is here

Our Visual Studio Code Beta is here
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We’re excited to announce our UDB early access beta preview of Undo’s new C/C++ extension (called Time Travel Debug) for Visual Studio Code (VS Code). Time Travel Debug will enable developers to unlock the power of UDB’s Time Travel Debugging capabilities to speed up error resolution, in Microsoft's hugely popular Visual Studio Code editor.

This beta release delivers the following:

  • User interface (UI) additions in VS Code for reverse navigation commands and time-travel commands.
  • Support for loading LiveRecorder recordings.
  • Support in the UI for UDB’s Bookmark and Log Jump features.
  • Support for local debugging on Linux and for remote debugging using the Remote - Containers, Remote - SSH or Remote - WSL Visual Studio Code extensions.

Our early access beta program gives developers the chance to try out UDB Time Travel Debugger in VS Code and share your product experience with us to help us take the UDB time travel debugging experience to the next level.

Important things to know

  • You’ll be the first to access and try out new features!
  • This is an open Beta Programme where you’ll have the chance to test everything we roll out.
  • There’s a dedicated space in our Community, for VS Code Beta Testers, for troubleshooting and discussions.
  • All we ask is that you talk to us and give feedback in the Undo VS Code EAP community group, so that we can build an amazing product for you.
  • Something might break. Be patient, it's work in progress.

Take UDB’s VS Code beta for a spin and register for our Early Access Beta Program now!


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