Changelog: 6.6 Manchego release coming soon

Changelog: 6.6 Manchego release coming soon

Hi All,

Tis the season for a new release and our oncoming release 6.6 Manchego adds a number of new features and improvements.

What’s New

  • Log Jump for VS Code
    Log Jump provides a powerful method for developers to jump from a log line of interest to the exact point in time where it was emitted. Log jump enables developers to leverage both log files and a recording in order to indicate where the failure is occurring (logs) and then pin point the exact root cause and time travel debug quickly in order to resolve the problem. Log jump is a killer feature that when leveraged, significantly accelerates the debugging workflow and developer productivity. 

    This video shows how…


  • Reverse step commands stop at breakpoints
    When used, the reverse step command (including reverse-step, reverse-next and the corresponding Reverse Step Into and Reverse Step Out buttons in Visual Studio Code) in UDB will now stop the program’s execution if the program hits a breakpoint or watchpoint. This improvement brings the behavior of reverse operations into line and is consistent with forward time travel commands.

  • Forward and reverse-stepi step operations remain in the same thread 
    The stepi and reverse-stepi commands now step one instruction forwards or backwards within the current thread. You can also use reverse-stepi -any-thread to step back exactly one instruction back in history, potentially switching threads in the process. Again this improvement provides consistent behaviour between stepi / reverse-stepi and other time-travel commands.

  • Improvements to the bookmarks feature in UDB CLI
    Bookmarks are really useful but not if you create too many and litter them around your code. Now you have the ability to delete them as freely as you create them.

  • Parallel Search 
    Parallel Search is a performance-enhancement option that makes use of multi-core systems to speed up the performance of reverse navigation commands. We’ll be writing more about this and its benefits separately soon as its such a significant development.
    🚨Note: this is disabled by default for customers and has to be enabled for use.

  • Expanded technical support documentation for VS Code users
    We’ve expanded the technical documentation available for Time Travel Debugging in VS Code.

The full details will be announced next week.

In the meantime, feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager if you have any further questions about how you can benefit from these new product features.



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