DDD and UDB - why is DDD not showing the source code anymore with Undo-6.4?

  • 15 July 2021
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A lot of people use the good old DDD as a graphical user interface to GDB and they would like to continue using it with UDB as well.


The good news is that up to version 6.3 it “just worked”, you could launch DDD with

$ ddd --debugger udb <args>

and you would find yourself in the familiar environment you are so used to.


The “bad” news is that from version 6.4 Undo introduced a nice feature (if you use UDB directly) that disrupted DDD: the smart prompt. This made DDD unable to show the source code of the program being debugged:


DDD not showing the source code because of the new prompt


DDD relies on the prompt being something it knows in order to work with UDB so having something that changes constantly is not exactly good.


Thankfully the answer is surprisingly simple: you can set the prompt back to `(gdb) ` (beware of the space after the closing bracket!!) with the following line in your `.udbinit`:


set prompt (gdb) 

I now have a working DDD again:


DDD showing the source code thanks to the familiar prompt


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