VS Code extension v1.0 plans

  • 5 August 2021
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We’re gearing up to release v1.0 of the VS Code extension alongside the quarterly LiveRecorder 6.5 release in early September. Currently intended features: 

  • Support for loading recordings at the end of the recording (equivalent to udb --load-goto-end)
  • Busy indicator on loading a recording (with cancel button).
  • Support for setting the default timezone for the Goto Time button / Log Jump feature.
  • Changes to UDB launch configurations to be less intrusive and to fit more closely with VS Code’s standard workflow for adding launch configurations.
  • Support for attaching to a program.
  • New keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-F5, Ctrl-F10, Ctrl-F11, Shift-Ctrl-F11 to avoid conflicts with commonly used window managers on Windows and Linux.
  • Many robustness improvements, particularly around reporting of errors.
  • Fix for debugging programs that read from stdin.
  • Publication in the MS VSCode marketplace.

Please let us know below if there’s anything missing from this list that you’d like to see. We’re trying to finalise v1.0 scope at the moment - but it’s not frozen yet!

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